Why a Security Consultant?

Why you should you consider employing the services of an outside security consultant.

Consultants can provide an organization with short-term specialized services or to free-up assigned security personnel who must contend with supporting day-to-day operations. As an outsider, the consultant can provide an objective perspective on existing security programs and operations that give full consideration to the upside and downside of all security options. They can review your existing security program and advise if it is appropriately sized to mitigate the potential threat to your critical resources (people, facilities, services, etc.). Consultants work continuously to remain up-to-date on security best practices and current on the latest offerings in technology available to the security community.

Utilizing a consultant is definitely an option for businesses that don’t have a need or budget for a full time security manager.

Another benefit of  using an outside consultant is that unlike an employee, they don’t receive benefits and don’t require an office with furniture a computer or IT resources.

Greystoke Associates is an independent consulting company offering a variety of specialized services to support your organization’s security programs, plans, and operations. All recommendations  are based on security best practices and industry guidelines and only after detailed discussions with the client.