Cellphone Storage Options

Many of my corporate and government clients work with classified information. The areas in which this work is accomplished prohibits the introduction of electronic items such as cellphones, laptops and smart watches. The question is how to store these items until they could be picked up by their owners upon leaving these secure areas. The most frequent solution was to install first-come/first-serve wall mounted lockers with key-operated locks. For larger facilities this could take up a significant amount of real estate. There are also several drawbacks to using this type of storage system. Individuals would lose their keys. Unfortunately, most of these locker installations were not master-keyed so someone from the security department would need to take time to pull a back-up key, assuming the individual could remember which locker they had stored their item in. There was also the need to make another backup copy of the key to replace the one that was lost. An additional problem that was encountered was that assigned personnel would simply keep the locker key so they would be assured of place to lock up their device when they arrived at work.

Yesterday I met with a client who appeared to have found a more suitable solution to this storage problem. They’re using a Robocrib TX750 industrial vending machine that works with their access control cards. You simply hold your access control badge up to the proximity reader on the front of the machine to initiate the process. You will be stepped through the process via a display screen at the front of the unit. It will prompt you to select the size of the device you want to store. After a moment the door will release and the sliders will open to reveal a space to insert your phone, laptop, etc. To retrieve the device simply hold your badge up to the reader. After a few seconds the door will release, the sliders will open and you can take your device.

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